Heteroclinic Switching simulator and visualizer

Switching dynamics, heteroclinic people and nice visualizations.

I’ll soon be pleased to give a talk about my work on heteroclinic dynamics to other heteroclinic people with heteroclinic interests at the Heteroclinic dynamics in neuroscience workshop this December in Nice. In this heteroclinic setting, I thought it would be worth it to have a simple interactive simulation to play with while I illustrate my findings, as I don’t want the talk to be boring, and nothing boosts understanding like a good visualization!

So I spent the last few days programming a simple visualizer in Python for the switching dynamics in the system described here, built upon the simulator I am using to produce the Terabyte of data needed for my next paper with Fabio Neves. Ta-da:

In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to put everything on GitHub, so maybe other heteroclinic people can give it a heteroclinic try. You never know!

So, here it is! At the moment what it can do is to simulate the system I linked above, but I programmed it to be easily generalizable if needed. That is, if I find that somebody is actually interested in a general version – at the moment it contains bits that make it special-purpose.

Otherwise, it will just be an exercise in reproducible and open research, which I am happy with anyway.

heteroclinic simulation visualization

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