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A window on Numpy's views
A breathtaking panorama for numeric Python enthusiasts and professionals. Read More ›

Deriving the power of Wald test for a single parameter
A small post proving a key result relating to the Wald test. Read More ›

Minimum Edit Distance in Python
Some notes on the use of dynamic programming to compute the minimum edit distance between two strings in Python. Read More ›

On the objectivity of Morality and Beauty
Free thoughts and speculations on Truth, Art and Bees. Read More ›

Heteroclinic Switching simulator and visualizer
Switching dynamics, heteroclinic people and nice visualizations. Read More ›

Putting some make up on my org-mode flashcards
If org-mode had running water and a bed, I'd live in it. Some tweaks to org-drill to get the best flashcards experience Lisp has to offer. Read More ›

Floating point representation visualizer
Bat Navigator prototype
The Bat Navigator is finally here! Read More ›

Let's dance to the sound of piezos
Adding the ultrasonic sensor
Nearly burned a pin
Building and testing the motor circuit
Enter the circuit
Splat like a bat